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Dive site characteristics

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Diving notes

The wreck is located at about 3/4 nautical mile South of Crysler marina.

The Eastcliffe Hall is a cargo ship, built in 1954 at Montreal. After 16 years of service, it hits a shoal and sank in few minutes killing 9 of its 21 passengers.

Sank in the main channel of the St.Lawrence River, the superstructures of the ship have to be dymamited while the navigation was becoming more risky.

The Eastcliffe is a relatively young wreck. The bow is looking towards the current. Because of the dymanite operation, there is a lots of metal debris near the bow. The two propellers have been removed after the ship sanked.

It is possible for divers well equipped and trained with experience to do penetration dives either by the bow or by the stern.

It is highly recommeded to have a dive lamp to examine the details of the wreck. Many parts of the wreck cannot be observed under natural lightning. A strong current is present during the descent but reduces while arrived on the wreck. Precautions must be taken due to the numereous number of large metal pieces.

Due to the proximity of the seaway, there is a high maritime traffic at the surface over the wreck.

Like all the shipwrecks in Ontario, the shipwreck is Ontario’s Goverment property and therefore it is stricly forbidden to take any objects.

It is important to take good reference point with the compass before diving. The visibility is sometime poor due to rain during the previous days and current. A light is recommended. The current is stronger at surface than at bottom. Current may vary from 3 to 6kn (knots).

At the mooring buoy, follow the line for the descent as well as for ascent.

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Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to go with someone who knows the site.

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140-65′Eastcliffe Hall The wreck is located at about 3/4 nautical mile South of Crysler marina. Descent along the line. Please take note that the wreck is located near the St.Lawrence Seaway, so be advise to cope correctly with the visibility and current condition in order to come back safely to the line. Current may vary from 3 to 6kn (knots).
265′Crysler Park Wreck Located between Wilson Island and Crysler Memorial Park on the Canadian side of the St.Lawrence Seaway. Descent and ascend along the line cause the wreck is located in the middle of the St.Lawrence Seaway.

Driving directions

From highway 401, take exit 758 toward Morrisburg. Take the South direction up to road 2 (also known as King’s Highway). Turn left and after less than 1km you will reach the Crysler Marina Park.

You can also lunch your boat from the ramp for fee.

Carry your gear to the boat.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Crysler Marina Park  13740, County Road 2,
613 543-3254 marina

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