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Dive site characteristics

Types Structure dive Drift dive
Conditions Visibility very restricted or null
Providers Parking Swimming Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom
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Diving notes

The picture on the left shows the water filtration plant of the Morrisburg town, on Augusta street. The center picture shows the quay of Morrisburg (busy during the summer season). The picture on the right shows one of the exit point upstream of the quay.

This dive is not for newly certified divers or even level II divers recently certified, some degree of experience is needed and be able to estimate his air consumption in order to appreciate the dive. According to your comfort habits, it is recommended to use a larger volume tank. A compass and a lamp are essential (except if you are in good shape).

You have to take note that is a drift dive with important current. Usually the return to the entry point cannot be done. The duration of the drift can be long. Depending of many factors, the exit might be at a distance of 0.5 up 1km from the entry point. Upon return at the surface, you can plan the transport of your gear (cylinders) on foot, with a carriying cart or by parking your vehicule in the parking lot beside the public beach.

The dive starts at the end of Augustra street. You make a descent of a wall and follow a 45 degrees angle to be aligned with the beginning of the channel. Before the dive, it is important to take your bearings. Visibility can be reduced (from 10 to 15’) according to climatic conditions and season.

During the dive, it is mostly preferrable to stay inside the canal in order to ease the oriention at least for the very first time visit.

The exit is done usually near the quay for the 1st dive and near the building located near the public beach for the 2nd dive.

Among the trajects, you can visit the pumphouse, The station is located on the South wall of the canal at about 500m from the head to the lock, you have to follow the South wall in order to locate it. The station has been built in the same axis as the wall. You can visit the interior. But this is like a wreck diving and training is needed. The drift can be resumed up to the lock. You may visit it and do the exit. You can see the pumphouse on the third left upper part of the picture (click with the right mouse buttom to view the picture).

For the lock’s visit, you may let you drift up to it and then explore it with more bottom time.

Source: Robert Wood website

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to go with someone who knows the site.

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Driving directions

From highway 401, take exit 750 toward Morrisburg. Take the South direction up to road 2 (also known as King’s Highway). At the stop light, go straight ahead up to the marina and then follow to Augusta street (the 1st on the left).

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