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Dive site characteristics

Types Shipwreck dive Deep dive Drift dive
Conditions Visibility very restricted or null
Providers Parking Boat ramp Restaurant Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom
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Diving notes

The picture on the left shows the location of the entry point located just to the left of the white buoy (boat in the middle). The central picture shows a diver just in front the propeller and the rope leading to the surface entry buoy. The picture on the right shows the right propeller.

From Brockville, the boat heads up to west for about 9.5km from Brockville (and between Mallorytown Landing) at about 400m from the north shore.

The Daryaw measures 219’ long by 35’ large. It is not a dive for beginners. This a reduced visibility dive and a lamp is a must. Watch your depth, air and bottom time.

Descent along the buoy’s line which is on the north side of the wreck and leads toward the stern. You will see a huge rudder and two large propellers. You may follow the line along the wreck on the south side up to the bow. The current is strong. You may be protected from the current by going under the wreck...but have a well recharged lamp.

Some divers drift along starting over the stern. Be carefull not to drift away the bow. You may find yourself many kilometers away! The canyon in which the wreck lies is impressive.

Built in France in 1919, the history of the Dariaw is quite simple. While navigating in high fog conditions, the ship hits a shoal which created a large hole on the starboard side. Six crew members have jumped into water and swam to the river bank. Once arrived, the crew hitchhiked on road #2 up to Brockville where they told there story to the police. Many unsuccessful attempts were made to bring back the ship, even with a tractor which was on the height of a cliff pulling it with cables.

The captain of the Dariaw was at the rudder since 2 weeks only. The Dariaw made only one victim among the 19 crew members.

once arrived on the wreck, two large propellers can be seen. The Dariaw is sitting upside down at the bottom of the river. The main part of the dive is done under the wreck, while going from one of the three holds. It is possible to get out at any time from the left or the right side. The exists are always visible. The hold near the bow is at about 60 feet deep. A line goes from the propellers up to one third of th wreck. Once at bow, it is possible to drift on the top of the hull back to the lines. At the front section, there is a small entry where a penetration dive can be done if certified, well equipped with security measures.

Due to its location in the St.Lawrence River, the current is strong during the descent and becomes null under the wreck. It is mandatory to have a dive lamp. The darkness under the hull is identical as during a night dive.

Like all the shipwrecks in Ontario, the shipwreck is Ontario’s Goverment property and therefore it is stricly forbidden to take any objects.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible, it is recommended to dive with someone you knows the site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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140′Eel CityA site where eels can be seen...bring your underwater camera.
255-95′Henry C. Daryaw Watch your air, the passage of large boats and the current. There is current at the surface. The wreck is 219′ long.

Driving directions

From highway 401, watch and take exit 675 leading to
Thousand Islands Parkway - Promenade des Milles Îles. Follow the road for about 2 km. Follow the directions for Mallorytown Landing and then turn on your left when arrived. Park your vehicule in the parking of Park Canada (there is a fee). The shipwreck is located within 15 minutes from the boat ramp.

Alternative route

From highway 401, take exit 696 leading to Brockville. Turn left (heading South) on Steward bvld which after the railroad crossing becomes William Street. Follow up to King’s Street. Then turn right heading West up to River street. Watch for the St.Lawrence’s park signs.

Park your vehicule in the
St. Lawrence Park - Parc St-Laurent (not near the city boat ramp: the city exerts a gentle surveillance). If you use the service of a local dive operator, you may have to park somewhere else. Take appropriate information accordingly.

Carry your gear to the boat.

Do you know...

If you dive on an american wreck located on US territory coming from Canada by boat, you must first pass by the US customs located on Heart Island. Also, if you dive on wrecks located on Canadian territory coming from USA, you must pass by the Canadian Customs located at Rockport. On your return way, you must pass by the customs of the departure country. For more details consult the rules.

If you park your vehicule in the St.Lawrence National Park of Mallorytown Landing, you will have to fill a use permit form of Park Canada (fill all the necessary blanks including date, usually mark the amount for a parking which appears on the panel and make the total). Insert the amount in the envelope (cash only) and put it in the box, place the stub on your dash clearly visible (otherwise you could be fined).

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
ABUCS Scuba  1243 Hwy 2, R.R. 3,
877 982-2827
613 342-9932
charter, air, nitrox
Bottom Time Dive Charters  Water Street (Quay),
888 406-3516
613 658-3334
boat charter, air, rentals (doc)

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