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Dive site characteristics

Types Shipwreck dive Deep dive Drift dive
Conditions Visibility very restricted or null
Providers Parking Boat ramp Restaurant Swimming Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom
Planning Rescue in case of emergency Weather conditionsFerries scheduleRoad conditionsRoad maps

Diving notes

From the wharf, the boat goes South for about 0.5km (very short distance), watch for 2 plastic buoys (black or red) which mark the location of the wreck.

The wreck lies on the bottom at 90’ deep below surface. Watch your air! It is an interesting site.

The name of the shipwreck vary according to different sources but we talk about the same ship. Don’t be surprised, if your ear about the King’s Horn, Kingshorn, Kinghorn or also, Edith Sirwell, Edith Surwell or Edith’s still the same boat but on the underwater plate fixed by SOS it is the King Horn. Generally speaking, we talk about the Rockport’s shipwreck

In 1897, captain Boyd of the tugboat Hiram A. Walker, had 7 barges to tow loaded with coal. The Kings Horn was one of them. During a storm, Boyd ended is very bad day with the loss of 4 out of 7 barges including the Kings Horn.

The wreck was found in 1996 by divers.

At 95 feet deep, the Kings Horn is wooden hull. There are many openings on the upper deck. There are many interesting objects to see like the rudder, the anchor windlass, the water pumps, the stove, the propeller.

Due to the depth, it is recommended to well plan the dive bottom time before diving. There is no current on the site. A dive lamp is highly recommended to see all the details of the wreck. The visibility is sometimes quite awasome on the site.

Like all the shipwrecks in Ontario, the shipwreck is Ontario’s Goverment property and therefore it is stricly forbidden to take any objects.

It is sad to see that some divers do not care about shipwrecks. Since its discovery, the shipwreck has been severly damaged ans stolen.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible, it is recommended to dive with someone you knows the site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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190′Wall & Sophia (?) Off the town of Rockport near the restaurant’s dock (please ask permission). Popular site for advanced diving.
2100′King Horn Follow the line. The visibility may changes during season as well as current. There are sometime strong winds which may make the entry difficult and even force you to cancel the dive.
325′Clara WhiteOff the north side of Bloomfield Island, South end of Grenadier Island. Two-masted schooner.

Driving directions

From highway 401, watch and take exit 661 direction South. Follow the directions for Rockport.

Do you know...

If you dive on an american wreck located on US territory coming from Canada by boat, you must first pass by the US customs located on Heart Island. Also, if you dive on wrecks located on Canadian territory coming from USA, you must pass by the Canadian Customs located at Rockport. On your return way, you must pass by the customs of the departure country. For more details consult the rules.

The picture on the left shows the US custom. The picture on the right shows the Canadian custom.

You may park your vehicule at one of the parkings, you must pay at the Rockport Dive Centre or at the municipal booth.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Douanes Can.
Cdn. Customs
Rockport, ON 613 659-3473 Customs from May 1st to OCt. 31 7days/wk
Operators of private vessels should must report on arrival to. Passengers must stay on board during the procedures.
Douanes E.U
US Customs
Alexandria Bay, NY 13640 315 482-5539 Customs operates from May 1st to OCt. 31 7days/wk
Operators of private vessels should must report arrival to: 800 827-2851. Passengers may get off during the procedures, but must stay on the wharf.
Rockport Dive Centre  31, Front Street,
613 659-3471 air, rentals, charter, sales, repairs

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