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Dive site characteristics

Types Shipwreck dive Drift dive Fauna dive
Conditions Visibility very restricted or null
Providers Parking W.C. Bathroom
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Diving notes

The picture on the left shows a view of the Ottawa Rowing Club. The center one shows the wharf from the boat ramp. The right one shows the wharf. On the last two pictures, you can see at the backgroung the King Edward bridge.

Before going to the site, you must take into account the opening hours et take arrangements with the Ottawa Rowing Club, after all you will be on a private property.

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The discovery of the Bruce is largely due to the efforts made by the Santa Maria Society at the beginning of the 1980’s but to the dedication and contribution of its president, Mr Frank T. Martin. You may take a look at Mr. Martin’s slide show about the Santa Maria Society on the Bruce (click on the arrow to see). In the name of all divers who benefit from Morisson Quarry, I want to thank Mr. Martin for his contributions, whom I encountered by pure coincidence on Sunday afternoon, July 11th 2004, during a visit to an unusual dive site.

The dive starts from the club’s shore. The descent is done from the boat ramp following a diagonal with the wharf or from the West side (or left side looking toward the river) of the wharf. The wreck is just under the wharf. The visibility can be very reduced according to rain conditions during the days before the dive (the water has already a rusty color). It is a current dive but it’s mild one. It is important to fly the dive flag since there is an important boat traffic over the surface.

In order to obtain some informations about water level and outflow, you can consult the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board web site.

The diving on the shipwreck is largely linked to the initial efforts made by the Santa Maria Society and more to the contribution and dedication of its president Mr Frank T. Martin. You may take a look at the slide show about the Bruce operation. In the name of all divers who benefit from Bruce wreck dive, I want to thank Mr. Martin for his contributions, whom I encountered by pure chance on Sunday afternoon, July 11th 2004, during a visit to an unusual dive site.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to dive with someone knowing the dive site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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120′Bruce The rear paddle wheeler ship of 99′ burned in 1875. Located approximately in front of the Rideau Canal in the Ottawa River and relocated under the wharf’s club at the beginning the 1980′s. Only the hull can be seen.
245′William King Small paddle wheelers. The dive is done in low water current with low visibility (3-10’).

Driving directions

Don’t get into trouble, the club is private property owned, you must take arrangements before going to the site (see the opening hours). You only may dive at the time permitted by the rowing club. Bring your C-card, it can be asked.

From Highway 417 (Queensway), take the Nicholas exit, and follow the signs towards Hull/Gatineau and Autoroute 5. Just past the first set of lights at Laurier Avenue, (Nicholas becomes Waller St.) go straight through the intersections to Rideau St ("T" Intersection). Turn right onto Rideau St. At the second lights, turn left onto King Edward Ave. Once on King Edward, stay in the right-hand lane and follow the road past the ramp to Hull/Gatineau and Autoroute 5. At the end of King Edward ("T" Instersection), turn left onto Sussex Drive. Keep to the right. After the overpass over the bridge to Gatineau, turn right onto Lady Grey Drive. Follow the road on your left down the hill - take the first right entry (about ˝ way down). The Ottawa Rowing Club is at the bottom of the hill on the water’s edge (obviously).

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Ottawa Rowing Club  10, Lady Grey promenade,
613 241-1120 dive site access
Scuba-Action  35, Gréber,
819 243-0658 aire, rentals, repairs
Plongée H2O  818, boul. Maloney Est,
819 663-9393 aire, rentals, repairs
Global Scuba Diving  7, Damien-Charron,
1-866 725-3381
819 770-0820
aire, rentals, repairs

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