Dive site characteristics

Types Shipwreck dive Drift dive
Conditions Visibility very restricted or null
Providers Parking Boat ramp Swimming Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom
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Diving notes

The picture on the left shows the stairs leading to the entry point. The picture on the right shows the buoys leading to the Rothesay (over the divers shoulders).

The diver makes his entry from the shore. There is swim over a 30m to reach the 1st buoy. Thre is a 2nd buoy 30m away. You may have to swim to that one if you want to spend more time to visit the wreck.

As usual, descent along the line of the 1st buoy to 6m deep. Follow the underwater line for about 30m. You are about 3m from the wreck at the point. On the way, there is current but nothing to worry about. Do the visit and make your way back.

It is important to take your marks before making your entry. Take note that visibility may vary greatly and that finning near the bottow may reduce it to nothing. The wreck is in a an old one, diver should be carefull not to entangle a piece of equipment into it. Keep a visual contact with your buddy at all time. At the arrival on the wreck, take your time in order to find your way back.

See the dive diagram of Gregory Jarrett

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to go with someone who knows the site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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130′Rothesay Descent along the buoy line down to the wreck at 30′ deep. Do the visit and come back. A straight forward dive. Take some reference marks with the compass if visibility is reduced.
240′Scuba ParkIn front of the Water street.
320′Old docksJust in front of the Fort Wellington.
430-60′WindmillJust at the end of the wooden stairs located on the East side of the windmill.
560′Fleur MarieOn american territory near the middle of the river west from bouy 131B
652′Loblaws WreckOn american territory, located between the Rothesay and the Canadian Coast Gard station and line up directly in fron of the huge chimney of Ogdensburg.

Driving directions

From highway 401, take exit 716 heading South toward Prescott. Continue up to the intersection with road 2 (also known as King’s Street).

Alternative route. From Cardinal, follow road 2 for about 16km. You will pass under the bridge to United-States. You will arrive when you will see the windmill on your left.

Boat ramp :
after the right turn on King’s Street, watch for Ann Street. Turn South on Ann Street. Follow along the tennis court (which will be on your left). The boat ramp is at the end of the entrance.

To get to the Rothesay.

From Edward street, turn left heading West on road 2. Passed the Sophia street, watch for Riverview Heights sign, slow down and check for the Merwin Lane road sign, the park is located on the South side of the road 2 on River bank side. Park your vehicule, on a small terrain with two small access entries.

To get to the Scuba Park.

Turn on King street heading West and then turn toward South on Center Street toward the River. You have to pass Water street and get on the left to the parking.

To get to Old docks.

From Edward street, turn left heading East on road 2. Watch on your right for a parking lot in the open area. The parking lot is located at East of the lighthouses (one is red, the other green). The Old docks is located far away on the East side of the parking lot at 150-200m away. There is a trail leading to it. Plan to have a luggage cart to carry the cylinders and your gear.

To get to the Windmill.

Turn left heading East on road 2. After few kilometers, you will go through the railway tunnel, continue and once arrived at Windmill Point road, turn then South. There is a parking lot located at the North of the road. You will have to carry your gear over a long distance at the bottom of a stairs located at the left of the windmill.

To get to the other sites.

Follow the directions given by the charter.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Sea N’ Sky Scuba  14, Water St. West,
613 498-0923
877 733-9291
air, nitrox (ask)

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