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Diving notes

The site is no longer accessible due to a new agreement that has to be established. The negociation will be held sometimes after july 4th 2004 (election day of the new conseil of Kahnawake). Still no news...

Please take note that you must register at the dive shop which owns an exclusive agreement. You cannot go on the site without proper registration. It is mandatory to fully respect the procedure. Otherwise you may be the dive site may close without warning for the entire divers community. Please take note, that while at the quarry you will find yourself on indian territory. Please adopt a respectfull behavior. Above all don’t dive without being registered.

The quarry allows diving on a full year basis. The Kahnawake Quarry (known also under thename of Bédard Quarry, name of thelast owner) is an untouched site. The quarry covers 1,5 square kilometers. There are 3 plateaux: one at 30ft, one at 70’ and another one at 100ft. The autochtones say that there is a shaft reaching 300’ deep but no one has found it. The marine life is important on the 30’ plateau (brochets, achigan, perchaudes, dorés, écrevisse, zebra mussles and even beavers near the entry point). Visibility varies from 30 to 80’ and the luminosity is excellente. During summer season, the thermocline is at ~40’ where the water temperature is constant at 40°F. Under 40’, the cliff sides are verticales. The landscape is quite lunar.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to dive with someone knowing the site.

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Driving directions

Don’t get into troubles, make a reservation by calling at the dive shop (access fee will be asked).

From Montreal taking Champlain bridge, follow 132 toward West up to Chateauguay exit. At the first red light, turn left on St-François Xavier (reference mark: McDonald & St-Hubert restaurants).

Alternative route. From Montreal taking Mercier bridge, follow 132 toward East (5 min.) up to Chateauguay exit. At the first red light, turn right on St-François Xavier (reference mark: McDonald & St-Hubert restaurants).

On St-François Xavier, at the first stop sign, turn left on Industrielle. At the 2nd stop sign, turn right on Théberge. You only need to find the dive shop. You then have to fill or remit a disclaimer and pay the fee. At this point, you will receive road indications to get to the quarry.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
TekDiv Exploration  194 Théberge,
450 638-0333
514 862-0274
air, rentals, formation, charter

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