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Dive site characteristics

Types Deep dive Cliff dive Night dive
Conditions Satisfying or excellent visibility Thermocline or cold water
Providers Parking Swimming Shelter W.C. Bathroom
Planning Rescue in case of emergency Weather conditionsFerries scheduleRoad conditionsRoad maps

Diving notes

The picture on the left shows the entry point. The central picture shows the wharf (there is a sign indicating the diving site). The picture on the right shows the lake looking West toward the cliff (giving an overview of the lake size).

From the wharf, you have a surface or underwater swim about 400m in order to reach a cliff of about 30m deep. Just in front of the rock face, there is dead tree of 15m lying down on a muddy bottom. According to your the dive plan you should bring a lamp. Always look ahead when you dive near the shore, there are here and there tree branches which may get into your equipment, nothing serious.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. The cabin allows you to change.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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130-100′Falaise There is a tree trunk and fishes to see.

Driving directions

Don’t get into trouble, make a reservation (access fee 8$ in 2010-11).

From Montreal, get to Rawdon by taking road 125 and 225 heading North. Watch the sign for road 337. Turn right in order to get to Rawdon. In Rawdon, turn left on Queen road. Turn right on 6th avenue. After 100m, you will be on Morgan road.

After a distance of about 14km on a paved road, you will reach a sign announcing the Mariste’s Camp. While you won’t go to the camp site, turn right to go to the Entrance boot.

You must pay the access fee (tariffs are available from Mariste’s Camp web site in French, click on "Droit d’accès" in the "Accueil de groupe" menu ). If you arrive not during the opening hours, you put the payment into an envelope with your name and license plate number that you slip in the mail box of the reception camp (also leave a note on your windshield to advise the patrolman during your dive). After, follow the gravel road, keep right when the road splits (the left side leads the panoramic one). You may park your vehicule sideways of the road near the wharf. The place is easy to locate due to the presence of a diving sign (in French) of the right side of the road.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Camp Mariste  8082, chemin Morgan,
450 834-6383 dive site

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