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Dive site characteristics

Types Sea dive Drift dive Deep dive Cliff dive Night dive
Conditions Satisfying or excellent visibility Thermocline or cold water Strong current
Interests Whales or other sea mammals Sea stars Sea shells
Providers Parking Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom Soft rincing water
Planning Rescue in case of emergency Weather conditionsFerries scheduleRoad conditionsRoad maps

Diving notes

Behavior to have: respect the environment and the fauna. Just remind that a fin stroke can damage the underwater flora. Please try not to fin too near of the bottom or to walk on the flora.

Source: Pêches et Océan Canada -- Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The picture an aerial view on the left of the Wharf of pilots (Quai des pilotes in French) and on the right side the Marine Environment Discovery Centre.

The Marine Environment Discovery Centre (formerly "Centre des loisirs marins") is open since june 25th, 2004.

The diveshop opens à 09:00 and closes at 17:00. The diveshop operates according to the opening days of the center based on the working schedule of Park Canada.

The picture on the left shows the East entry point. The picture on the right shows the buggies to carry scuba gear (foreground) and the diveshop (at the basement level at the garage door, use the door on the right).

The dive is done from the shore (except otherwise). It is important to respect the environment as well as the fauna. This is a dive in sea water, watch your buoyancy. Raise the weight on your weight belt accordingly.

It is highly recommended to use a a dry suit. The water temperature is quite cold between -1 and 4°C. According to your dive plan, you may dive with a 7.5mm neoprene wet suit but for short period of time. Hypothermia is your worst ennemy!

There are also strong water currents due to water tidal. It is highly recommended to dive between those.

If you do a night dive, be sure to know the area you may drift over a long distance. Bring a spare lamp and a strobe light. A dry suit is recommended for that dive, it may keep your warm if you have to stay in the water for a long period of time.

Click on a picture to see a video.

The Centre des Loisirs Marins has been bought by the Saguenay St. Lawrence National Marine Park of Canada. The facilities in place, juged not safe for the public such as stairs, etc., have been removed and replaced. It is now known as Marine Environment Discovery Centre.

Source: permission Richard Larocque

On the pictures, you can see the rest of the Bergeronnes Trader wreck.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to go with someone who knows the site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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190-135′Bergeronnes TraderSunk on Nov 1st, 1936 at Anse aux Basques (more infos to come).
220-60′Mur des anémonesAbundant anemones.
320-60′Anse à RobitailleAbundant marine fauna.
420-60′Anse aux sauvageAbundant marine fauna.
520-60′Petite Anse du cran noirAbundant marine fauna.
620-60′Anse à MottéAbundant marine fauna.
720-60′La Grande PointeAbundant marine fauna.

Driving directions

From Montreal, take highway 40, heading East toward Quebec City. Follow the directions in order to get to St-Anne-de-Beaupré. While now on road 138 follow up to St.Catherine Bay. From there take the ferry boat to Tadoussac. Follow up the road up to Les Escoumins.

Alternative route. Other road plan are possible, please consult a road map.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Parc Marin National du Canada
National Marine Park of Canada
41 rue des Pilotes,
Les Escoumins
418 233-4414 dive base
(renovated since 2004)
Paradis marin  4, chemin Émile Boulianne
par le chemin de l’Anse,
418 232-6237 dive site
Auberge de la Baie  267, Route 138
Les Escoumins
800 287-2010
418 233-2010
lodging & dive packages

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