Dive site characteristics

Types Shipwreck dive Structure dive Drift dive
Conditions Visibility very restricted or null Intense boat navigation on the surface
Providers Parking Boat ramp Restaurant Swimming Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom
Planning Rescue in case of emergency Weather conditionsFerries scheduleRoad conditionsRoad maps

Diving notes

The picture on the left shows the dive platform #1 (going East). The central picture shows the two bridges (picture taken from the dive platform #2 looking toward West). The picture on the right shows the dive platform #3.

Click on a picture to see a video.

The three pictures come from the same video which shows the Vermont wreck, the old rotating bridge and the actual rotating bridge.

The map shows the entry points. According to your dive plan, you should anchor your boat near an entry point (or a raft). Current is sometimes strong in those areas. The visibility is around 30 ft but can be reduced to nil when rains occured during the previous days. CAUTION: sites 1 to 5 are in heavy boat traffic and some boaters do not respect the speed limit or the dive flag sign.

At any time, do not surface in the middle of the channel, you could be hit by a boat! However, if you must surface in the rotating bridge area, ascend along one of the pillars that form the bridge structure. Otherwise use a red marker lift bag attached to a reel. This dive is for level two certified divers with experience. You need to have a good orientation skill due to reduced vizibility conditions sometimes. Don`t load too much your boat with all your cylinders, heavy waves can make you capsize (boat with low boyancy).

In order to get to any dive sites, it is much preferrable to use a small motor boat (see the diver’s services section).

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to go with someone who knows the site. Only platform near site 5 is available in 2006.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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125-30′Pont tournantThe rotating bridge. From the floating platform, go to the South pillar of the actual rotating raildroad bridge. Empty you BC and stay at the bottom during the entire dive. Cross the channel and reach for the old rotating bridge.
225-30′Naylor An old coal boat which has been displaced outside the waterway to its actual location. From the platform, descend along the anchoring line.
325-30′Ancien pontThe old bridge. From the platform, you take your bearing toward the South shore toward an old cement foundation of the old bridge on the South shore side. From there, you take again your bearings with the North side of the rests of the cement foundation of the old bridger. Check your direction. Come back with the reverse traject. There are some rests of the old bridge take car not to be entangle by these. Stay at the bottom during the entire dive.
425-30′Vermont An old coal barge. Going to the old bridge, you will see the rest of the shipwreck. Please do not entangle yourself in.
525-30′Maraudeur A nice and well preserved shipwreck. From the platform , follow the anchoring line to the bottom.

Driving directions

From Montreal, take highway 10 heading South. After crossing the Champlain bridge, stay on the right side and take the 1st exit in order to take the 132 road. Continue up to exit 6. Take road 202 toward East by turning on your left. At the end of the road, turn left on road 221 North toward Lacolle. At the 1st stop, turn left again on road 202 toward East. After crossing the Richelieu river bridge turn on your right on the Bord de l’Eau street. Continue up to the Sleepy Hollow camping.

Alternative route. From highway 10, take exit for the highway 35. Two routes are possible. Road direction A, take exit 223 toward Lacolle. You must cross the bridge and in order to get to Noyan. Road direction B, if you have crossed the bridge then take the exit for the road 133. Watch the directions for road 225 and then follow up until Noyan.

Note. In order to get to the dive sites, it is much preferrable to use a boat. You can rent a small motor boat at the Sleepy Hollow camping, on the South side of the bridge on the Chemin du Bord de l’Eau (~2-3 km from the bridge toward West). You must make a reservation.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Aqua Futur  160 rue du Quai,
450 346-5671 air, rentals, sales
Béchard Sport  217 St-Jacques,
450 346-3726 air, rentals, sales
Camping Sleepy Hollow  973, Bord de l’Eau, Noyan 450 294-2717 boat ramp,
small motorboat rental
Pourvoirie Laramée 37, rue Laramée, Lacolle 450 246-2383 boat ramp,
small motorboat rental
Marina Les Alizés 204, chemin McGee, Lacolle 450 246-4156 boat ramp

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