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Dive site characteristics

Types Deep dive
Conditions Satisfying or excellent visibility
Providers Parking Restaurant W.C. Bathroom Shower
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Diving notes

Behavior to have: just relax!

A reservation can be done according to the schedule shown below. The access fee is about ~7$. You may rent some pieces of equipment on the premise including tanks. The cost is about ~6$ per piece of equipement for 1 hour. The dive is done in the swimming pool which has a 3 levels of ~5m (~16 feet) each where you can dive to a depth a bit more than 15m (50 feet). The surface does 10m by 15m (~30 by 48 feet). The water temperature is maintained between 28 to 31° Celsius. The dive has to be done with an experienced diver (which has many dives in his logbook). A surveillance is on duty in order to act in case of emergency.

Entry points

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  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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0-15′Palier #1First shelf
15-30′Palier #2Second shelf
30-45′Palier #3Third shelf

Driving directions

Don’t get into trouble, make a reservation by calling 514-252-4622 ext 5550 and ask to the Club de Plongée du Parc Olympic. Bring your C-card: you must register in order to dive.

From Montreal, go to the Olympic Park Sports Centre located in the perimeter of the streets Pierre de Courbertin at the South border, Sherbrooke at the North, Pie-IX on the West side and Viau on the East. There is parking lot to accomodate you.

You may also consult the map of Montreal Olympic Park (the entry is near the Hall touristique, there might be other access point, get the informations).

From Sherbrooke street, turn South on Viau St. Stay on your right and turn right at the first parking lot (underground). Park your vehicule as near as possible from the entrance doors. Take the escalator. Follow the indications toward the swimming pool and then follow the signs for scuba diving. The underground parking lot is sometimes closed, take the second one.

You don’t need to pay at the entry boot. You will have to identify yourself in order to pass through (your name should be on the list). You pay at the pool...have your certification card.

Diver’s services

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