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Diving notes

Source: Transport Canada -- Transports Canada

On the aerial photo, you can see in the center part the marina and on fereground part the wharf of Baie-Comeau. The departures are done from the marina. The centre ville is located in the bay on the upper right side (off picture).

WARNING: Greenland shark presence.

During the third Quebec diving symposium held on march 20th 2004, Mr Jeffrey Gallant did presented unseen video images on the Greenland shark (filmed in 2003). The discovery has been done by luck by two divers from Baie-Comeau at the Baie St-Pancrace, Sylvain Sirois and Michel Chartier as also reported in Canadian Geographic magazine, the Globe and Mail and the Le Devoir journal.

It is important to take note that the shark can be present on the site at certain times during the year (as well as in the other waters in the area). For the time being, it is only a matter of making you aware of the presence of that type of shark.

Carefullness is a must. Some specimen can have a length of 7m or 21ft. Its behavior is not well known based on a strict scientific point of view.

Behavior to have: respect the environment and the fauna.

The dives are done from boat. The departure is made from the wharf of Baie-Comeau. The water current is mild (except otherwise) at low tide. Ask to local authorities. The dives are done in sea water, watch your buoyancy. Raise the weight on your weight belt accordingly. A 7.5mm thick neoprene wet suit is mandatory. A dry suit may be more suitable depending of your comfort habits. Water temperature varies around 4°C (40°F).

It is recommended to take a look at a bathymetric map before the dive, since depth may vary largely near the entry points.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to go with someone who knows the site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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130-60′Feux d'alignement You must anchor the boat at the East or the West at 30′ deep on a sandy bottom. You must watch your detph. The rocky point goes very deep.
230-60′Pointe St-Pancrace A dive to do a slack tide with nice weather conditions.
330-60′Baie Garde-feu Anchor the boat on the East side of the rocks located at the end of the bay. To see: whale bones.
415′Rocher Comeau Located at 4 nautical miles from Baie Comeau, in front of St-Pancrace bay. Visit to be done during nice weather day at low tide. A buoy helps to locate it. On the South side the depth plunge at 150′.
536′Baie St-Pancrace 20 min. from Baie Comeau (5 nautical miles). Dive from the floating wharf on the East side of the bay.

Driving directions

From Montreal, take highway 40, heading East toward Quebec City. Follow the directions in order to get to St-Anne-de-Beaupré. While now on road 138 follow up to St.Catherine Bay. From there take the ferry boat to Tadoussac. Follow up the road up to Baie Comeau.

Alternative route. Other road plan are possible, please consult a road map.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Manic extincteurs 2592, boul. Laflèche,
Baie Comeau
418 589-9025 air

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