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Dive site characteristics

Types Altitude dive Deep dive Structure dive
Conditions Satisfying or excellent visibility Thermocline or cold water
Providers Parking Boat ramp Restaurant Swimming Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom
Planning Rescue in case of emergency Weather conditionsFerries scheduleRoad conditionsRoad maps

Diving notes

Behavior to have: respect the environment and the fauna.

The dives are altitude dives, watch your buttom time. A 7.5mm thick neoprene wet suit is mandatory. A dry suit may be more suitable depending of your comfort habits. Water temperature oscillate and there is a thermocline.

It is important to note that if you do your dive from the shore, a dive flag is mandatory. Be carefull with the wildlife and accidental wounds. Watch you buoyancy. Take note that in case of emergency, the cell phone may not be operationnal.

The site is accessible with the help of pylones attached to the top of the old dam. The dive starts with a surface swim of about 100m. It is an exploration dive of the old flooded town during the building of the first dam in 1912 and of a second one in 1947. The interest points are along the old dam, a road, two spillways, a blockhouse, three telephone poles. Recently divers have added toilets accessories and an habitat. Another possible visit is the one of the old abandoned town. The site is accessible only by boat and is not clearly marked.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to dive with somone knowing the dive site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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112.2Foundation #580m from the causeway and 90m from the boat ramp.
213.7mFoundation #480m from the causeway and 40m from the dam.
312.2-27.5m1912 Dam70m from the causeway and 120m from the boat ramp, oriented North - South.
416.8mFoundation #6100m North-East from the dam and 40m North-East from the well.
516.8The Well125m from the causeway and 40m North-East from the House Foundations.
616.8mFoundation #6100m North-East from the dam and 40m North-East from the well.
717.5mFireplace120m South-West of Hotel
818.3mSidewalkHalfway between Hotel and House Foundations #2 and #3.
917.5mHotel200m from shore (Foundation #1).
1023mNorth BreakwaterOver 400m from shore and 120m North-East of House Foundations #3.
1124.5mLong WharfOver 400m from shore and 120m North-East of House Foundations #3.
1223mSouth BreakwaterOver 400m from shore and 120m North-East of House Foundations #3. Lies South of the Long Wharf (~parallel to it).
1324.5mOld WharfOver 640m from shore and 220m South-East of the Long Wharf.
1418.3mFoundation #2420m from shore and 200m from the Hotel
1517.5mOutside holeOver 400m from shore, close to House Foundations #2 and #3, southerly.
1617.5mFoundation #3420m from shore and 200m South of Hotel, very close to House Foundation #2.

Driving directions

Don’t get into trouble, bring your C-card with you.

From Banf from rout #1 heading North, take the Lake Minnewanka interchange and follow the road indications for the lake which is located in Banff National Park .

You may park your vehicule along side of the road and dive from the shoreline.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Adventures In Scuba  9950, Macleod Trail Southeast,
403 299-7751  
Aqua Sport Scuba Center  3411, 20 Street Southwest,
403 686-6166  
The Dive Outfitters  17826 - 107 Avenue,
888 483-0049  
Dive Rescue & Consulting Canada 6928, 104 Street Northwest,
780 434-1433  
The Dive Shop  4652, Macleod Trail Southwest,
403 243-4616  
Farrington Diving Services Blackfalds 403 885-4635  
Northwest Scuba Ventures  6815, 104 Street Northwest,
780 438-1218  
Ocean Sports  10133, 82 Avenue Northwest,
780 432-1904  
Sunfish Scuba Diving 4630, 16 Avenue Northwest,
403 288-7427  
X-Treme D-Tours Calgary 403 272-9325  

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