Diving in Canada


Cartographie 101 basic notions on geography
CHS-SHC Canadian Hydrographic Services
NDI Digital Ocean -- Nautical Data International, Inc. (autorised dealer of Canadian nautical data and maps)

Maritime navigation

Megapulse - Loran C international list of Loran C buoy


Maritime Museum Internet Resources international list of maritime museum


Parc Canada some dive sites are located on national parks
Parcs international list of parks


Oneworld air pollution (world coverage)
St-Laurent Vision 2000 web site dedicated to the St.Lawrence River


Garde Côtière Canada in case of emergency on water
Lifesaving Société de Sauvetage lifesaving societies across Canada
Portable Chambers hyperbaric portable chamber (technical training to get)
Société de sauvetage organism responsible for aquatic surveillance
SOS Hyperlite hyperbaric portable chamber (technical training to get)

Water relatives

BAPE reports from BAPE (Bureau on public hearings on environment) on water situation in Quebec
GLSL Great Lakes and St.Lawrence Maritime Seaway
Harbours.org international list of ports
NODC Coastal Water Temperature Guide water temperature from NOAA
SHC-CHS water tidal tables for Canada by provinces and by cities

Web sites of interest

DFO-MPO Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Transport(s) Canada Transports Canada

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