Decompression theory

Nitrogen load based on the Bühlmann Model

Graphic plot of the variation of the nitrogen load over a period of 300 minutes.

The graphic shows the curve of saturation and desaturation of the compartiments (16 tissus) with the help of the theoritical calculation based on a fictious dive of 54 minutes on air at 48m depth. The dive profile starts with a descent of 0 down to 48m in 6 minutes. The dive continues up to 44 minutes. The ascent stops up to 12m is done in 10 minutes. After a one minute stop the ascent continues to the surface and the dive stops at 54 minutes. It is of course a very fictious dive profile. This is no importance, the graphic shows the rise and fall of the nitrogen load over a 300 minutes period (5 hours).

The calculations have been done with the Bühlmann equation, the coefficents used are those of Bühlmann 1983. The calculations also used the theoritical coefficients of Workman (the famous M-Values).

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