Limestone Shipwreck City Show

Last November 19, 2005, a conference took place at Kington on shipwreck preservation.

The Warships of 1812

The day started with the presentation of Jonathan Moore archeologist at Park Canada. He made a clear presentation about the historical localisation of the wreks in the Kingston bay like the ones of HMS Prince Regent, HMS Montreal and the HMS St.Lawrence. The localisation of wreck has been precised.

HMS Repulse

The next one was a video presentation of Dan MacKay during which he talkes about the HMS Repulse a wreck on which he dive in the Sea of China.

The Picton Wreck Survey and the TEST team

Pat Hefferman talked about the composition of a team of divers who gave itself a training program in order to establish an archeological survey of the wrecks in the Kingston area.

Empress of Ireland

Philippe Beaudry presented a video about the history and exploration of the HMS Empress of Ireland. He insisted about the preservation of the historical heritage of the wreck.

Paddle Wheelers

Vlada Deknia concluded the morning part by establishing an historical scketch about paddle wheelers who marked the maritime life of the Lake Ontario during preceeding centuries.

The Ontario Heritage Act

The afternoon started with a presentation of the Ontarion Heritage Act. Right now, it is only proposed that wreck far below the limit of recreational diving limit be protected and limited by the need of a diving permit and an assortiment of fines. Regarding the other wreck, a serie of consultations has to be held and should then be followed by a ruling of wreck diving. The main objective is not to forbidden wreck diving but instead to promote education and protection of shipwreks.

Diver Impact

Tom Rutledge has been the one who caused a kind of shock amond the divers. He successed to make us aware in a remarkable way about wreck preservation.

In the first video, he showed us a wreck filmed in 1995 which was having a large number of artefacts. Nobody could identifie the wreck presented (except some participants who already see the film or the wreck before, they did not told us).

In a second video, he showed us the same wreck filmed in 2003 this time. The astonishment was readable on the faces of all the participants and was earable by the the sounds of deception. All the participants reconized the King Horn. There is no doubt about the severe degradation of the wrek. Many artefacts have vandalized, torned apart, displaced.

That presentation was THE presentation to SEE! It is clear that we all must insist on excellent buyancy training for the divers who are planning to go on fragile wrecks...there is nothing more bad to the survival and preservation of wrecks...if we still want to see then again and again.

Truk Lagoon

Tom Wilson made a presentation of documents about many dives done at Truk Lagoon in the Pacific. A fascinating place offering many type of dives.

The Cenotes of Mexico

Barry Match ended the day by making a full complete picture and well mastered of cave diving in the Yuacatan.

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