Los Cenotes (Cave Diver certified)Quintana Roo

Dive site characteristics

Types Sea dive Cave dive Deep dive Drift dive
Conditions Satisfying or excellent visibility Thermocline or cold water Strong current
Providers Parking Boat ramp Restaurant Swimming Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom Shower
Planning Rescue in case of emergency Weather conditionsFerries scheduleRoad conditionsRoad maps

Diving notes

Don’t get into trouble. All the sites will require a certification card such as a cave diver specialty. Bring your C-card with you, otherwise you will be redirected to other sites where it is possible to get to the surface.

Behavior to have. Fully respect the environment of the cenotes, buoyancy control is mandatory. Behave like a guest visiting sacred place. Take note that removing any artifacts is severely punished by law. You MUST have a permit from the Mexican government to conduct scientific studies or collection. About ecology of the Cenotes, consult: Society Akumal’s Vital Ecology.

Halocline and air toxicity.It is important to take note that you may experience a blurred vision while diving. This is caused by the meeting of fresh water and salt water due to proximity of the cenotes near the Caribbean Sea. These two kinds of waters cannot mix immediatly due to their difference in density which creates the holocline. The blurry vision is caused by the difference of refraction indices of both kind of water. Regarding air, you may encounter some air pockets while diving, it is recommended to keep breathing through your regulator to avoid any potential problem.

Cave diver certification You may obtain more informations through the National Association for Cave Diving web site.

Topographic cave maps.Detailed maps can be obtained at the following address from the Quintana Roo Speleological Survey published by Jim Coke and Tom Young. You may obtain them directly from Jim Coke by writing to remove_chac@ll.net (remove "remove_" ; protection againt spam mailer robot) or contact the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society at PO Box 950, Brandford Florida 32008 (remove_71573@compuserve). Or consult Speleological Society of Quintana Roo.

In case of emergency. There is an hyperbaric chamber in Playa del Carmen operated by Buceo Medico Mexicano (consult the web site for any coordinates change). It is located on Avenida 10 Esq. 28 Nte. (phone: 873-1365 or 803-1216).

Entry points

Note: Note: indications are accurate as possible, you must use the service of a local charter.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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?mCenote CarwashFrom Coba, drive 8km toward North West on road 307. The site is located on the left side of the road. Easy access by ladder and platform. Tables are available. During the dry season, there is a formation a algea which reduces the visibility. Otherwise you can see all kind of fishes, aquatic plants, turtles and birds.
?mCenote Chac MoolDrive 1km toward South from Puerto Aventuras on road 307. On the West side, there is a family owned restaurant. Take the gravel road and pay your fare at the gate. Follow the road for about 2km in the jungle. There is a parking. Easy access by a stairway.
?mCenote Chickin HaDrive 2.3km SOuth from Puerto Aventuras toward West on road 307. Easy access by trail and platform.
?mCenote Dos Ajos (de l’Est)From Aventuras Akumal drive 1km toward South. Turn Westàt the entrance of Ejido Jacinto. Pay your fare for the East Cenote Dos Ojos in the Ejido Jacinto building. Follow the gravel road for 2.3km. Easy to maderate access by trail and platform. Have to do a 125m walk. There are tables.
?mCenote Dos PalmasDrive 1km South from Xel Ha on road 307. Take the gravel road leading to Ejido Jacinto. Follow the road toward Wet on 2.3km (0.6km past the electric power lines). At the sign indicating Doa Palmas turn West and continue for 150m more. Easy access by ladder and platform.
?mGran CenotePrivate site located 4km at North-West from Coba from road 307. The parking is located on the right side of the road. Easy to located with large ciment blocks. Moderate access by a wlk of 60m on a gravel trail. Access by ladder and platform. Tableas are available. The cenote is classified as the 2nd best dive site.
?mCenote NaharonFrom the Tulum village, take road 307 toward South and drive 3km. The ecological park Ejido Tulum is located on the West side of the road. Easy access by a walk of 50m. No platform.
?mCenote PonderosaFrom Aventuras Akumal drive 17km toward North or from Puerto Aventuras drive 3km toward South. Take the gravel road on the West side. Follow the road up to the power lines. You must register yourself at the dive shop (Carlos Macia Acosta). Easy access by a ciment stairway and platform.
?mCenote Taj MahalFrom Aventuras Akumal drive 13km toward North or from Puerto Aventuras drive 5.5km toward South. The entrance is 200m from Robinson Club resort on the West side. After paying your fare, drive 2km more in the jungle. There is a parking. Easy access by a ciment boardwalk and platform.
?mCenote Temple of DoomDrive 1.6km North West from Coba on road 307. A small parking is available on the rogth side of the road. Difficult access by a trail in the jungle and a |4 minutes walk. Access by a jump of 3m in the cenote. Exit is done with a ladder.
?mXel-HaFrom Aventuras Akumal, drive 10.6km toward South. Follow the signs. The entrance is located on the East side of the road. Easy access by trail and ramps within the national park.
?mCaleta Xpu HaFrom Puerto Aventuras, drive 3.5km on road 307. The entrance is on thw East side of the road. Easy access by trail and ramps.
?mCaleta XaacLocatad at 2km North from caleta Yul K along side of the ocean coast of the Riviera Maya. Private site. Access by boat only.
?mCaleta Yal HuGet to Akumal Caribe on road 307. Past the entrance arch go toward North and get to Half Moon Bay. Take the 1st road on the left. You will be in a residential area. Easy access from the small parking lot.
?mCaleta Yal Ku ChicoLocated 0.4km North of caleta Yul Ku along side the coastal sea shore. Private site. Access by boats only or by a long walk along the beach.

Driving directions

Follow the road indications given by your local charter.

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