Preventive measures


Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

maintains a list of diffrent short waves radio operators across the world

Cospas - Sarsat

you will find the list of providers of EPIRB beacons which will allow you to be find if ou are lost at sea or on land.

Global Star

you may buy or rent a satellite phone which may be greatly usefull while being in a very far region.

Jastram Technologies

you will find different survival equipments like GPS beacon 406Mhz satellite EPIRB which will help search and rescue operations to find you while lost at sea.

Hyperbaric medecine


American College of Hyperbaric Medicine


Diver Alert Network is a non profit organization which offers a full insurance coverange allowing a diver to be conducted to a near hyperbaric facility all over the world. Please consult the web site for more informations.

Diving Medecine

offers you many medical informations related to scuba diving. A very complete site. You may also subscribe to the news group.

Doc’s Diving Medecine

is dedicated to hyperbaric medecine by the Dr Kay from the Washington University of the Diving Safety Program


Environmental Tectonics Corporation maintains an updated list about conferences on hyperbaric madecine (through the hyperbaric calendar)


European Underwater and Baromedical Society


a French site maintained by the Departemental Medical Commission from Isère FESSM and offers many informations related to scuba diving. Unfortunately the website is not updated frequently.


International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine


MedSubHyp offers medical informations about scuba diving. You can find the hyperbaric chambers list in Europe and elsewhere, publications and announcements of conferences. MedSupHyp publish also 2 reviews.


Medecine for the workers, professional diving


Swiss Underwater & Hyperbaric Medical Society

The Merck Manual of
Medical Information

contains the interactive medical guide from the American Pharmaceutical Merk Frost Company (the Javascript option must be selected for the interactive version). For diving accident, consult chapter 284 "Diving accident" in section 24 "Accidents and Injuries".


Undersea & Hyperbaric Medecine Society is an international non-profit society which offers informations about hyperbaric medecine. It has over 2,500 professionals over 50 countries around the world.

Medical equipment

Portable Chambers

hyperbaric portable chamber (technical training to get)

SOS Limited

hyperbaric portable chamber (technical training to get)


David Suzuki Foundation

for a more scientific vision about climate changes, and water and ocean pollution

Environnement Canada

one of the most intriguing thing is (after all the reading of technical documents) is to discover that in the US and Ontario since 20 years from now, thay have put in place water management policies which resulted in a very acceptable water condition for swimming in the St. Lawrence River (ie. very low rates of fecal coliform) while in Quebec for the same period of time we still have problem, the water from Des prairies River (Rivière des Prairies) some down to Trois-Rivières the water conditions are not acceptable even to get wet aboard of marine moto (ie very high rate of fecal coliform or toxic sediments!)


air pollution (world coverage)


it should advised not to touch to sediments when you dive near some cities located along the St. Lawrence river due to mineral pollution over the years in the past


Affaires consulaires
Consular affairs

displays a series of hints when problems occur while traveling outside the country


displays a complete list of the embassies and Canadian missions across the world.

Douanes - Customs

gives many informations to travellers getting back to Canada

Transports Canada

establishes the list of the forbidden objects in carry-on baggage on board aircraft (click on the English button to obtain it)

Underwater wildlife


Canadian Shark Research Laboratory maintains updated informations about sharks in canadian waters.


International Shark Attack File maintains updated statistics and informations about sharks attacks.

Mediterranean Shark Site

british center about shark in the Mediterranean

Shark Research

Shark Research Coral Sea Australia maintains data on reef coral sharks in Australia



American Society of Tropical Medecine and Hygiene offers different medical informations for travellers in the tropical regions.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US site) offers a huge amont of informations over diffrent health problems while traveling in different countries. A must before diving somewhere else!
CDC publish the Health Information for International Travel which you can buy for 22US$ (read the one which is free on their site).


The Central Intelligence Agency publish World Factbook which is an additionnal source of informations for travellers in foreign countries.


CSL Bioplasma (an Australian site) offers certain antivenoms (click on "human vaccines") against some toxins or venoms of some marine animals. You should mention this site to your doctor in that case.


Population and Public Health Branch - Canada offers different medical informations for travellers.


International Society of Travel Medecine offers many medical informations for travellers in foreign countries.


Pan American Health Organization offers you medical informations for people travelling into the western hemisphere.

Santé - Health Canada

is responsable of the medical’s program for travellers. It is a site to consult before travelling! You will find a list of medical notices regarding foreign countries...a huge amount of usefull informations.


World Health Organization displays informations resulting of the medical watch of health problems at the world level

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